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About the job

The TEUTATES Programme resides within the Warhead Directorate and is responsible for delivering the UK contribution to the 2010 TEUTATES Treaty between the UK and France, signed by David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy. In November 2010, the two leaders issued a joint-declaration that our two nations would “collaborate in the technology associated with nuclear stockpile stewardship in support of our respective independent nuclear deterrent capabilities, in full compliance with our international obligations”.

As part of this, the UK agreed to the joint funding, building and operation of a new Hydrodynamics facility in France, at EPURE near Dijon, as well as facilities at AWE Aldermaston. The facility will enable the UK to undertake hydrodynamic experiments in a secure environment. Hydrodynamics experiments use radiography to measure the performance of materials at extremes of temperature and pressure. This enables us to model the performance and safety of the nuclear weapons in our stockpile without undertaking nuclear explosive tests, consistent with our obligations under the 1996 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. The TEUTATES facility at full operating capability will therefore be integral to the UK’s stockpile stewardship programme, and supporting the design and assurance of the recently announced Replacement Warhead system.

The programme also covers procurement of specialist containment vessels, radioactive and hazardous waste treatment capabilities and facilities involving both MoD and AWE Aldermaston teams in UK and France. This Teutates team sits under the Head of Warhead Performance and Delivery. The team is made up from MOD permanent members of staff, MOD contractors and AWE Secondees and is currently approximately 35 individuals. The total programme 10-year budget responsibility is several hundred £M.

The Successful Candidate Will Be Expected To

  • Support meeting owners in the planning and co-ordination of key programme meetings including distributing meeting agendas.
  • Minutes, Actions & Issues taker at key meetings.
  • Manage the programme’s central actions log, including supporting action owners in closing actions.
  • Liaise with the Programme’s risk manager to ensure effective recording of issues on the programme’s issues register.
  • Managing the administration of Programme’s documents library
  • Support and distribution of communication to the programme’s internal and external stakeholders
  • Admin support to the Project Controls Team including supporting the wider team with onboarding activities

The postholder may be required to travel to other locations.

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