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UK Ministry of Defence Careers Near Me – Engagement Manager

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About the job

Air’s Portfolio of change initiatives spans highly technical military capabilities such as the F35 Lightening through to the modernisation of back-office support functions. As such the stakeholder environment within which we operate is both varied and complex.

The role of the Comms and Engagement manager is to lead the development of the APfO’s Engagement Strategy for both internal and external customers, coordinate cross portfolio engagement across sub-portfolios and, acting as a Subject Matter Expert, support the wider Portfolio in the development of Communications Plans and Stakeholder Engagement Strategies at the project and programme level.

The APfO is in the process of moving to a digital by default delivery model and the Comms and Engagement Manager will be expected to help shape future developments in this space and play an important role in communicating the benefits of the approach to the wider business.

Your Primary Role Will Include

  • Develop and maintain stakeholder engagement and management for the Air PfO, with the continued systematic identification and analysis of stakeholders. Planning and conducting interactions to engage and communicate the role, direction, and upcoming events of the Air PfO.
  • Working closely with Hd PfO and Delivery Lead, coordinate and shape the strategic direction on engagement and stakeholder management to ensure that Air PfO Communications are coordinated, impactful and effective.
  • Define a detailed Engagement Strategy for the Air Portfolio Office and then confidently deliver against it.
  • Build and maintain trust relationships with Head Office, Air Secretariat, Air Media, Sub-PfO’s and delivery teams to increase the profile of the Air PfO and deliver value to the business.
  • Provide support to delivery teams in the continuous improvement of Communications, Stakeholder and Engagement strategies and plans.
  • Work collaboratively, with the digital tools development team to support the development of engaging reporting tools to enhance portfolio insights.
  • Deliver clear, concise, and constructive written and verbal communication to ensure effective engagement with stakeholders and senior leaders. Using data from a range of tools to support conversations and provide visuals, (e.g. Power BI, Visio, proprietary tools)
  • Integrate lessons learned from stage / phase gate reviews to ensure continuous improvement across Air, and strategic alignment both at individual initiative level, and for the Portfolio in its entirety.
  • Support the APfO and its sub-portfolios in the deployment of new digital tools by providing an intelligent customer function, coordinating communications and offering training and coaching in their use.
  • Support Project Delivery resource management across the Air Pf, working closely with the Delivery Lead and Head Portfolio to ensure Project Delivery resource requirements are met. This will require strong stakeholder relationships across the sub-portfolios to understand their resource requirements.
  • This role comes with Line Management responsibilities.
  • Other grade appropriate duties as required by your Line Manager.

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