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Are you the visionary architect and builder that will transform Advertising and Marketing solutions delivered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Do you excel in providing solution that will delight the world’s largest and most innovative AdTech companies? Do you want to be part of a cross-functional team focused on delivering groundbreaking innovation, speed to market and best of breed cloud technology for our customers, and engage directly with technical leaders and influencers at all levels across the industry?

You have built and architected large scale advertising and marketing solutions, you are comfortable in the 1 million+ QPS arena, pushing petabytes of data daily, and you know what is required to deliver single digit millisecond latency at scale – then we have the position you will love.

Your responsibilities will include helping to articulate the technical strategy for AWS in the Advertising & Marketing area, identifying key trends from customers and the market, and define the solutions and architecture to provide customers with prescriptive guidance for those trends.

Your work will enable team members to understand industry workloads in-depth. You will work closely with AWS Solutions Architects and AWS Professional Services teams to develop and promote cloud best-practices, including data security and regulatory compliance. You will also work closely with the AWS product and services teams to help evolve AWS offerings for more rapid adoption by Advertisers and Marketing agencies.

The ideal candidate will have a strong builder background, deep technical knowledge and exceptional architecture skills that enables them to drive an engagement and interact at the highest levels of Advertising & Marketing companies, as well as having the presence and wherewithal to easily communicate the benefits of specific designs, services, and cloud computing to the platform architects, infrastructure architects, engineers, and enterprise security and compliance teams.

The ideal candidate will also have a demonstrated ability to think strategically and long-term about the needs of global businesses, and be deeply familiar with very high volume, low latency, cost optimized workloads in a cloud native environment.

Basic Qualifications

  • Experience in a senior development, architect or DevOps role within the industry.
  • Deep technical knowledge of Digital Advertising IT is required, including: machine learning, networks and network security, data pipelines, databases, tiered storage architectures, server and desktop virtualization.
  • Experience delivering cloud-native solutions.
  • Must have intimate experience with large scale systems
  • Ability to do hands-on development using Go, Java, JavaScript or Python (RUST is a plus), and/or scripting, Infrastructure as Code.
  • Excellent analytical and critical thinking skills, combined with the ability to present ideas clearly and compellingly

Preferred Qualifications

  • Technical degree or equivalent background.
  • Demonstrated industry efficiency in the fields of cloud native architecture
  • In-depth working knowledge in a technology domain such as: distributed internet-scale web or mobile applications, DevOps, Serverless, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, high-performance databases (SQL and/or NoSQL), complex networking implementations, highly secured workloads
  • Experience working in a customer-facing role or a role which involved public speaking
  • AWS certification (e.g. AWS Solutions Architect Professional, AWS data analytics, AWS Advanced Networking, AWS DevOps engineer) or other industry certification

Company – Amazon Business EU SARL (UK)

Job ID: A1499762

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