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  • To be accountable to the Estates Performance & Maintenance Manager for the delivery of the Estates Performance function.Ensuring engagement with all stakeholders to understand the requirements of the assets.
  • In direct support of the Estates Performance & Maintenance Manager, provide the discrete Intelligent Customer (IC) role for the Estates Maintenance function with Babcock and Interserve principally executed through the Future Maritime Support programme (FMSP)) and ARMADA PFI respectively.
  • Ensure Management Information, Reports and contract deliverables are met in accordance with the FMSP Statement of Technical Requirement (SOTR), associated SOTR Annexes and contract schedules, engaging the Nuclear Design & Maintenance (NDM) group where deliverables impact NDM managed assets.
  • Undertake and deliver sampling and surveillance auditing of maintenance and new works activities, to ensure contractual delivery and the accuracy of reports and data provided.
  • Under the direction of the Estate Performance and Maintenance Manager, work with the IP to ensure improved performance and value for money in maintenance and new works delivery processes.
  • Under the direction of the Performance and Maintenance Manager, maintain an accurate Asset Management Register to deliver the Strategic Asset Management Plan and Asset Management Plans.
  • Regulatory and Legislative Compliance – Ensure that major projects and the Non-Nuclear Waterfront programme of work, their utilities and facilities/ services comply with legislative, regulatory, and MoD requirements, and meet the site Nuclear Authorisation Conditions.
  • To manage and help progress New Works covered under FMSP agreements.
  • To manage and help progress Sustain activities covered under FMSP agreements. (Under 25K)
  • FWS Project Management – Manage project delivery, either directly or via Industry Partners.
  • Asset Management – Apply industry standard Institute of Asset Management (IAM) discipline to asset management throughout the estate. To support C1 with the L2 Asset Register development and maintenance as an accurate record of the Naval Base Estate and its target condition. Work with NC and DIO to ensure alignment to the Defence Asset Management strategy and ensure DIO IMS is accurate.
  • Scrutinise asset survey reports to ensure maintenance issues are enacted, highlighting any shortcomings to the Estate Performance and Maintenance Manager.

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